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Tagore - Dramatized stories

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Laho Pranaam

On the 150th birth anniversary of this great visionary, Shonakatha has the pleasure of presenting Baakchitri Sruti-natok Goshthi’s Laho Pronaam, a commemorative collection of Tagore’s work—dramatized. The influence of Rabindranath Tagore on every Bengali mind is immeasurable.  In every walk of life, almost every day of our lives, we think of a song, a poem, or just his philosophy of life that sublimates the quotidian banalities into deeper, and often subtler ways of ‘seeing’ things.

Baakchitri comprises a group of like-minded individuals who are working towards the preservation and regeneration of Sruti or the aural as a medium of artistic expression and reception. Led by Swapna Guha—who has over 30 years’ experience in the ‘audio’ genre of performing arts—Baakchitri hosts regular stage shows of their plays in Kolkata, showcasing their philosophy and their skill. Ms. Guha also conducts workshops for members and non-members, striving to fashion an ethos of Voice-art that would help bring alive the images in the listener’s mind through sruti alone.

Swapna Guha is the Creative Architect behind Shonakatha and all our short stories are produced under her mentoring and active participation that includes lending her voice. Shonakatha is very grateful to Baakchitri for granting us the permission to record their performance of Laho Pronaam (which was originally a stage show) and allowing us to share it with our listeners.  With illustrious artists like Gouri Shankar Panda, Swapna Guha and her troupe as well as renowned singers like Jayanti Purkayastha in the entourage, Laho Pronaam is a unique commemoration of Tagore’s work, where five of his short pieces from prose and poetry have been dramatized by Swapna Guha and performed by the talented team of Baakchitri.